FTSA and the Office Concluded a Memorandum of Understanding

Biomass energy is one of the most development potential renewable energy in Taiwan. The output value of global bio-refining industry including biofuels, biorefinery and biomass chemicals will reach $ 230 billion USD by 2020 according to the estimate of World Economic Forum (“WEF”), and the agricultural industry is the highest output value approximately 104 billion USD of aforesaid bio-refining industry.

Therefore, the development of biomass energy could not be ignored when a country is pursuing the national energy independence, reaching the goal of carbon emission reduction and developing the green energy industry.

It is extremely potential and appropriate to develop the biomass energy industry such as biogas power generation and waste recycling etc.in the Science City by virtue of its location near the Shalun Farm, most of farmlands in its territory belong to Taiwan Sugar Corporation and 38 livestock farms situated in 5km around this central area.

Since Foundation of Taiwan Sugar Association (hereinafter referred to as “FTSA”)has been paying attention to the future research and development prospects in green energy technology of Science City, the Chairmperson, Mr.Chi-Hung Tsao, who led the delegation on August 8th of 2017 to visit the Science City Office and attended a meeting to discuss the opportunity of cooperation.

During this meeting, the Director, Mr. Der-Ray, Huang, who pointed out that the issue of the independent power producer owned and operated by general public has been bound to become the focal point all over our country after the government has promoted electricity liberalization. As a heartland of national green energy research and development, the Science City will become the leader of implementing the green policy advocated by the government. In consideration of most of lands in the Science City belong to Taiwan Sugar Corporation are rich in solar energy and biomass energy, the Science City is looking forward to relying on the experience of solar and biogas power generation promoted by Mr. Tsao and will combine such experience with local resources to make the Science City become an green energy self-sufficient homeland. The Science City desires to implement the idea of circular economy through such collaboration with FTSA.

And then, Mr.Tsao indicated that he had been devoting himself to promoting the green energy industry based on the faith in the sustainable development of ecological environment, such as carrying out a project of the photovoltaic farming to reserve water. In addition, he also has been working hard toward promoting the plans regarding biogas power generation. Mr. Tsao hopes that Both of FTSA and the Science City could set up a new paragon of biogas power generation through this collaboration and combination of local resources and research capacities of related departments.

At the end of the meeting, FTSA and SGESC not only have agreed to conclude a memorandum of understanding but also officially announced that both parties will intimately collaborate in the field of the research and development of biomass energy, and jointly boost the relevant programs in the near future.

The Director of the Office (as the left) and the Chairperson of FTSA (as the right) took a photo after concluding the MOU.